September is here

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The summer is coming to an end. We have been lucky enough to have a holiday this year. We travelled through Italy, visiting Venice, Pisa & Rome. We have done lots of exploring, but mostly it was great to spend time experiencing this adventure with my twin boys who are now 13. They grow up so quickly. I am so glad we made some happy memories.
So for me, another decade is here again. In a years time I will be 50, but I already feel the energy a decade change brings me.  When I was 30, I split with my first husband, when I was 40, another split and divorce. I haven’t remarried so no concerns for another life changing divorce. But I feel ready for a change. Its almost as if I re-evaluate my life when I reach a decade, adjust my sails, reset a course, never knowing if the decision is for the best or not. (they were the best decisions I ever made.)
So with a year to go I am focusing on my next book project, (I could get a tattoo or get my nose pierced, buy a minibus and convert it into a motor home, time will tell). I hope to publish by my birthday next September, but lets see.This is a collaborative project, I know a few of you have already expressed an interest. If you have attended a pattern changing course or similar and would like to add your thoughts, feelings and experiences to this project please sign up by dropping me an email or quick text. There will be monthly emails asking for your input around certain subjects, or come along to Tuesdays. Its been in my head for ages, very excited to be finally getting it on paper and sharing.
love and kindness,

Jeanette x