20th July 2018 10-12 Time to explore – Time to connect with Christine Fritsch


The aim of the session is for participants to gain a better understanding of counselling and how it can benefit them:

  • What is counselling
  • How can counselling help me
  • Types of counselling and how do I know what suits me best
  • How to access counselling
  • Affordable counselling
  • How to choose a counsellor who is right for me (what to expect)
  • Taster of TA – drama triangle or PAC model / or Intro into Trauma and some useful exercises
  • Taster of mindfulness – a five minute exercise

As an outcome of the session participants will hopefully feel more knowledgeable about what counselling is, how to access it and how it can benefit them, which type they might feel is best for them and their life situation and to feel more confident in choosing a counsellor. The mindfulness exercise at the end will provide grounding and hopefully encourage participants to continue practicing mindfulness in their own time. http://christinefritsch.co.uk

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20th July2018 2-4 consultation  

The last of our sessions, we welcome feedback and a chance to consult with you about how More Positive Me can meet your empowerment needs in the future. A chance to tell it as it is and look to the future. We look forward to welcoming as many of you as possible, or complete our feedback online here (link to follow)

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If you can’t attend please complete the online survey to give us your feedback.