Jeanette Brown
I am a director of More Positive Me. ‘In 2010 I attended a pattern changing course and it was life changing for me. I learned life skills I wish I had known from a young age. I had worked as a beauty therapist for over 25 years when my eyesight faded and as I had been volunteering within the domestic abuse field I explored it further. I love empowering people who have been through abuse and showing them they deserve better. People who don’t believe in themselves, or have had their light dimmed from abuse.
Self esteem,self worth,  boundaries, assertiveness and an awareness & understanding of emotions are all covered in our changing patterns course, with forward thinking decision making, goal setting and lots of self care. I am privileged to have co facilitated pattern changing courses over the past four years and worked as a domestic abuse support adviser until recently..’
I have a deep passion for interior design, making my home unique and fun. I am also known for having been a bit nifty on social media running accounts for charities & good causes as well as our own social media channels.
This page used to be called ‘Meet the team’. Its just me now, I’ve had a year out working full time. As much as this is my passion, the bills need to be paid. I’m always searching for that balance, I haven’t found it yet. But my employer is being very supportive and cutting my hours as I make this sustainable.
2019 is my come back year. I have written a self care book with Splitz Domestic Abuse Service and started ‘Tuesdays’ as an opportunity for per support and a chance to work on my next book project.
As funding becomes available I can offer more courses but for now, Tuesdays, massage therapy & the book project are my focus. I also challenge the media to use the words ‘domestic abuse’ in their reporting of domestic abuse and to provide a helpline number, much as the Samaritans number is at the end of reporting on a suicide, or suspected suicide.
For joint work projects, public speaking or blog writing please get in touch.