Hello, my name is Jeanette Brown. I am a director of More Positive Me.

‘In 2010 I attended a pattern changing course and it was life changing for me. I learned life skills I wish I had known from a young age. I had worked as a beauty therapist for over 25 years when my eyesight faded and as I had been volunteering within the domestic abuse field I explored it further. I love empowering people who have been through abuse and showing them they deserve better. People who don’t believe in themselves, or have had their light dimmed from abuse.

Self esteem, self worth,  boundaries, assertiveness and an awareness & understanding of emotions are all covered in our changing patterns course, with forward thinking decision making, goal setting and lots of self care. I am privileged to have co facilitated pattern changing courses over the past four years and worked as a domestic abuse support adviser until recently.’

I have a deep passion for interior design, making my home unique and fun. I am also known for having been a bit nifty on social media running accounts for charities & good causes as well as our own social media channels.

I’ve had a year out working full time but I struggled as a single mum and dealing with my own mental wellbeing. Although my boss was extremely supportive, I realised I was not following my dream and decided to focus on More Positive Me.

2019 is my come back year. I have written a self care book with Splitz Domestic Abuse Service and started ‘Tuesdays’ as an opportunity for peer support and a chance to work on my next book project.

I also challenge the media to use the words ‘domestic abuse’ in their reporting of domestic abuse and to provide a helpline number, much as the Samaritans number is at the end of reporting on a suicide, or suspected suicide.

Hi I’m Debbie Coleiro, Director of More Positive Me.

I started my working life at 28 after being a single mum at home with my two children. I originally started in the homeless sector working as a volunteer for Meaningful Occupations Project and worked for The Big Issue South West.

I worked for Victim Support as deputy manager of the Witness Service at Exeter Magistrates Court and 2 years later got the post as Manager for The Witness Service for Central and North Devon Courts. I managed a large team of amazing volunteers who provided support for victims and witnesses going to court to give evidence.

It was during my work in the courts that I found myself advocating on behalf of victims to ensure their views were taken on board throughout the court process it was clear that there needed to be more support for women and their children who had to come to court and face their abusers.

It was 3 years later when I became the Court Specialist Domestic Violence Advisor with Exeter Women’s Aid (now SAFE). I qualified as an Independent Domestic and Sexual Violence Advisor and spent the next 10 years supporting and advocating on behalf of victims and their families through the criminal justice system trying to achieve the best outcomes we could for them and most importantly trying to keep them safe.

It was during my time at SAFE that I was trained to deliver the Pattern Changing course. I found it to be one of the most rewarding parts of my job. To watch the women on the group from the day they start the course to the day they leave and the transformation for some of them was incredible. I could not believe that what we were showing them was so simple but so powerful in helping them move on in a more positive way and feeling more confident in themselves.

During my time at SAFE I also worked at the Refuge and then later qualified to teach adults as I knew that what I really loved doing was facilitating the courses and delivering training.

After 10 years in post the funding ran out and I was made redundant. So on to a brief bit of work with my colleagues at SPLITZ DA services and then finally on to my current post as Family Practitioner for DCC. During my time at DCC I have become part of the training Champions Team and am now trained to deliver Child Protection training, as well as a number of parenting programs and a healthy relationships program for males.

So I am excited about joining Jeanette to provide these valuable courses and to be able to go on the journey with the amazing people we work with.

For joint work projects, public speaking or blog writing please get in touch.