We offer Self Care Sessions for your employees to encourage wellbeing in the workplace.

We offer 2 hour workshop in groups to look at Self Care in the work place and develop self care plans and explore peer to peer encouragement, encouraging employees to take some responsibility for their wellbeing.

We can also empower employers to create a healthy work environment, working with employers to evaluate systems for employees. Even the smallest of steps can make huge differences. When employees feel valued your business will flourish & grow.

Included or separate to this we offer seated massage for the office. Offering 10 minutes seated massage. Clothed and in the office space, your staff take 10 minutes out of their working day on a special seated massage chair, whilst still fully clothed. Bring earphones to totally zone out.

Employers can pay an hourly rate or split the costs between anyone having a treatment.

Alternatively, If you have a room available, I can bring my couch and offer 30 minute back massages. These are £20 with a discount offered for 4 treatments or more.

Staff away day/spa days also available.

Please get in touch, Jeanette info@morepositiveme.co.uk