Exeter Dates for your diary 2018 – Empowerment after domestic abuse

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12th January 2-4pm Fresh Starts with Stephanie Chivers

Our first monthly session in Exeter and we hit the ground running with a favourite guest Stephanie Chivers. Our monthly sessions are for women who have been impacted by domestic abuse and are particularly beneficial for anyone who has attended our changing pattern s course or a similar course run by the domestic abuse services. Our sessions are monthly and carry a theme.

‘Stephanie is a fully qualified Life Coach and Master Practitioner of NLP.

She first discovered NLP 17 years ago when a close friend was very ill and seeing an NLP practitioner to help him get better…the coaching worked and Stephanie’s fascination with the NLP approach began. She started training soon after.

Stephanie has facilitated change in many different people from all walks of life over the years. With this in mind, her experience is extremely varied and she has worked with clients on a wide spectrum of subject matters. From working with damaging thoughts and patterns of behavior, to addictions and phobias, as well as helping people to improve their career, parenting and even relationships. Stephanie is both friendly and professional, and is able to put her clients at ease in order to and help them to achieve their goals.

Recently Stephanie’s work with clients has included:

Improved confidence, get that job! Live the life of your dreams.
letting go of fear of commitment, enabling them to fully love and have the relationship they want.
letting go of damaging negative thought patterns
Phobia cures
Weight loss
Living a life free from addictions’


February 9th 2-4pm – Love Yourself with Kensa 

For our second session in Exeter we are excited to invited Julie from Kensa to tell us about her business. “I whole heartedly believe that every woman should feel great about themselves at least once in their life and for those who don’t you believe you are beautiful then I am confident that your experience at Kensa Boudoir will prove to you that you truly are.

After personally experiencing a history of domestic violence I am very passionate about inspiring confidence in ladies as it is such a large issue for many. Confidence can impact upon every area of a women’s life and it is so nice to be able to offer something that can help ladies on their personal journey.

Boudoir really is for everyone, and I feel proud that I am able to help dispel the myth that boudoir is for confident women only; the ladies that we see are everyday are all different shapes and sizes and equally beautiful.

Kensa Boudoir really is the leading brand in the South West for inspiring confidence in ladies and we aim to really drive that message home to as many ladies as we can ‘You really are ALL beautiful’ ”



March 8th 2-4pm – Change Your Space with Jasmine

How many times have you thought ‘I must get organised’ and then haven’t a clue where to start. We are excited to have Jasmine from Change Your Space along this month, with her sensitive approach to addressing our stuff and potential chaos.

Jasmine set up Change Your Space in 2013 and has improved over 150 homes and offices since. As a professional organiser she has worked in a full range of circumstances; those moving house, making the best of their home, renovations, and families addressing hoarding. In all cases she focuses on dealing with belongings to facilitate a fresh start.

She is a member of, and trainer for, the Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers UK.



April 20th 2-4pm – Family Law 

Find out about the recent changes to legal aid and the minefield of domestic abuse and family law courts.
We are just awaiting confirmation of our guest speaker. Event will be updated soon.



May 18th 2-4pm – Personaliity Types 

This month we are discovering personality types and learning your strengths and how to make the most of them.These monthly sessions are particularly beneficial if you have attended our changing patterns course or similar courses run by domestic abuse agencies.



June 22nd 2-4pm – Self Talk

This session looks at the language we use when we talk to ourselves or about ourselves, and how changing this can have a profound affect on our recovery and self esteem.

To book email info@morepostiveme.co.uk