Day 6 = Sanctuary

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Day 6 – Sanctuary


How are you getting on? Day 6, well done, you are doing really well. Remember, to create a habit takes 21 days so hang on in there. We hope you are finding this informative & are beginning to feel the benefits of looking after you.
Today we are creating sanctuary. Somewhere we can be surrounded by the things we love and find peace. It needs to be a physical place, make it your own. Whether it be just your side of the bed, a spot in the garden or a whole room. Make it yours, fill it with things you love. Have fun with it.
If this really isn’t possible, think of a place where you like to go, watching the sea perhaps, a shaded bench in the woods, or by a river. A place where you can reconnect with you.
I have an egg chair in the garden, cushions, a little table for my coffee, a book and  a pretty candle burner. I give myself time out here. 10 minutes and I’m refreshed.

Step it up – optional extra
show us your sanctuary,  Facebook, twitter or email with a photo of your sanctuary space & tell us about what you love about it.