Day 5 – Worry Time – 21 Days of Self Care

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Day 15 – Worry Time


Today is all about making time to worry. I know, it seams odd, advising you to worry as part of your self care, but there is structure to this. Worry consumes our every thought, we stop listening, we stop being in the moment and our minds run away with thoughts of what if’s and what could be’s.
Setting aside some worry time, brings us back to the now so we can focus at the task in hand. For example, someone made a comment the other evening and I thought I may have offended someone. My mind started racing with what I had said, How I had meant it, how it may have come across, who she may have discussed it with. Someone spoke to me and I had to ask them to repeat it as I missed what they said. I recognised my pattern of spiralling into anxiety and decided I would worry about it later. I set a worry time, it was for when I got home & had a chance to sit down & reflect. Every time the thought crept in, I told it to wait for worry time.
It takes practice, granted. But it meant I could enjoy the party I was attending. It also meant when I got to the time to worry most of it had dissipated and it made more sense. It took up around 5 minutes, rather than ruining all evening. Some worries are bigger than others, but this also gives you chance to arrange a time to discus it with a friend, or a professional.
This technique is also recommended in CBT.

Step it up – optional extra
Review your Self Care so far. Are you still drinking water? Correcting negative thinking, playing your happy music? Anything that has fallen by the wayside pick up again. Repetition will create the healthy habit of self care.