Day 14 – Nature – 21 Days of Self Care

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Day 14 – nature


Tree hugger’s get a bad press. There is a lot to be said about the healing benefits of connecting with nature. I recently watched a documentary about the hard working, stressed out Japanese being given ‘Forest Bathing’ as part of a work care package. It entailed walking through forests and absorbing nature. Very simple, very effective. Any getting outside in the fresh air will do you good. You can go that extra step and plan a trip to some beautiful places in Devon. Fingle Glenn & Wistman’s Woods are particularly beautiful. You may find the sea more therapeutic. Whatever it is, get yourself outside today, or plan a trip. Ten minutes outside on a lunch break will really clear your head and start your afternoon afresh.
If getting out and about is too hard for you at the moment, then how about taking your morning coffee in your garden? It’s a start. If it’s raining, just open the door and enjoy the moment, or sit under a parasol. If you are feeling up to it, and you can dry off afterwards, go and stand or dance in the rain. It’s amazing how it can lift your spirits. 

Step it up – optional extra
Arrange a trip to a place of nature & make sure you get outside today, practising your mindfulness, taking in all around you. Notice how you feel and record it in your journal.
Is it a clear night? Find a vantage point & watch the sunset, or sunrise if you are an early bird. Already dark? Count the stars.