Day 12 – Music – 21 Days of Self Care

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Day 12 – Music


Music always speaks to me. It’s as if when something is going on in your life, you always hear a song that has the lyrics that speak to your soul.
Katie already embraced this from day 1, sharing with me how she uses music to raise her spirits.Well done Katie.
Today is about creating your ‘happy’ playlist. It needs to be your ‘go to’ to lift your spirits when you are down. To make you sing & dance. Play it when you’re cooking, when you’re doing your housework & yes when you feel low.
Whats on your playlist? Well mine has Take That’s – Shine, Katy Perry’s – Firework & MC Hammer’s – Can’t Touch This, for starters. ‘
How about setting your morning alarm as an affirmation song such as ‘your beautiful’, what a fantastic way to start your day.

Step it up – optional extra
Really up for the challenge? Create an empowering playlist & a relaxing playlist too. Endeavour to listen to your happy music at least once a day. How about putting it on instead of the depressing news station?