Day 10 –  Support Hands

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When we are feeling vulnerable or emotionally low it is important that we can call on someone we trust to seek their support and advice.  When we are in crisis it is often difficult to think straight, and potentially we panic and make rash decisions.  A good strategy is to think ahead and plan when we are feeling in a strong place.


Today you are invited to draw a pair of hands, so that these can help you when you need it most.


Now for the right hand, along each finger, write down the name and contact details of someone you can turn to or call in a crisis.  It might be your brother/sister, parents, best friend, neighbour, work colleague or professional.  Who will be there for you when you need them most? 

If you don’t have someone directly then consider if there is a support service you can contact.  You may wish to extend this into the palm of the hand.  For example Devon Domestic Support Services, your GP, mental health services, Samaritans etc.


Now for the left hand consider all the things that you can do that make you feel better and helps maintain your resilience and mental wellbeing.   Again along each finger write things that help you feel better, for example, go to the gym, or take exercise every day, go horse-riding or meditate.  Whatever you do that makes you feel good, write it down when you are feeling strong.  Ensure that you aren’t looking for fixes that could be unhealthy over a longer period of time, such as drinking wine or eating cake or chocolate!  These need to be longer-term sustainable things, however simple, that help to maintain your personal wellbeing.

Downloadable Hands